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Welcome to the University of Michigan CLAIR Group's ACL Anthology Network (All About NLP) interface. Here we have collected information regarding all of the papers included in the many ACL venues. From those papers, we have created several networks, including paper citation, author citation, and author collaboration. Click here to learn more about the project. The network is currently built using ACL papers. This includes all papers up to and including those published in 2014 which were successfully processed. Feel free to visit The ACL Anthology to browse what is available.

Download AAN Current Release
Released Dec 2016
  • More than 23k papers
  • More than 350 venues
  • More than 18k authors
  • Citation Network

Latest Updates

  • December 2016
  • After several years of dormancy, AAN updates are back with the 2014 release: We have added 2070 new papers from 2014. The new paper are from: *SEM 2014, ACL 2014, COLING 2014, CoNLL 2014, EACL 2014, EMNLP 2014, INLG 2014, CL 2014, TACL 2014, and some workshops. Some papers from EACL and EMNLP have not been fully annotated, to be fixed in an upcoming release.
  • December 2013
  • 2013 Release: We have added 1,565 new papers to the anthology. The new papers are from the following venues: EMNLP 2013, ACL 2013, NAACL 2013, *SEM 2013, SIGDIAL 2013, CL Volume 39, TACL Volume 1 and all the ACL and NAACL workshops from 2013.


Number of papers23766
Number of authors18862
Number of venues373
Number of paper citations124857
Number of author collaborations142,450
Citation network diameter22
Collaboration network diameter15