Paper: What's Happened Since The First SIGDAT Meeting?

ACL ID W99-0601
Title What's Happened Since The First SIGDAT Meeting?
Venue 2000 Joint SIGDAT Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Very Large Corpora
Session Main Conference
Year 1999

The first workshop on Very Large Corpora was held just before the 1993 ACL meeting in Columbus, Ohio. The turnout was even greater than anyone could have predicted (or else we would have called the meeting a conference rather than a workshop). We knew that corpus-based language processing was a "hot area," but we didn't appreciate just how hot it would turn out to be. The 1990s were: witnessing a resurgence of interest in 1950s-style empirical and statistical methods of language analysis, Empiricism was at its peak in the 1950s, dominating a broad set of fields ranging from psychology (behaviorism) to electrical engineering (information theory). At that time, it was common practice in linguistics to classify words not only on the basis of their meanings but also on the basis of their co-oc...