Paper: A Corpus-Based Approach For Building Semantic Lexicons

ACL ID W97-0313
Title A Corpus-Based Approach For Building Semantic Lexicons
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

Semantic knowledge can be a great asset to natural language processing systems, but it is usually hand-coded for each applica- tion. Although some semantic information is available in general-purpose knowledge bases such as WordNet and Cyc, many ap- plications require domain-specific lexicons that represent words and categories for a particular topic. In this paper, we present a corpus-based method that can be used to build semantic lexicons for specific cat- egories. The input to the system is a small set of seed words for a category and a rep- resentative text corpus. The output is a ranked list of words that are associated with the category. A user then reviews the top-ranked words and decides which ones should be entered in the semantic lexicon. In experiments with five categories, use...