Paper: PICARD: The Next Generator

ACL ID W96-0506
Title PICARD: The Next Generator
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Poster Session
Year 1996

This paper 1 introduces a new line of research which ensures soundness and completeness in Nat- ural Language text planners on top of an effi- cient control strategy. The work builds on the HUNTER-GATItERER analysis system (Beale. 96; Beale & Nirenburg, 96). That system em- ploys constraint satisfaction, branch-and-bound and solution synthesis techniques to produce near linear-time processing for knowledge-based seman- tic analysis. PICARD enables similar results for the field of text planning by recasting local- ized means-end planning instances into abstrac- tions connected by usage constraints that al- low HUNTER-GATHERER to process the global problem as a simple constraint satisfaction prob- lem. PICARD is currently being used to plan En- ghsh and Spanish text in the Mikrokosmos Ma- ch...