Paper: SPLAT: A Sentence-Plan Authoring Tool

ACL ID W96-0502
Title SPLAT: A Sentence-Plan Authoring Tool
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session System Demonstration
Year 1996

SPLAT (Sentence Plan Language Author- ing Tool) is an authoring tool intended to facilitate the creation of sentence-plan spec- ifications for the Penman natural language generation system. SPLAT uses an example- based approach in the form of sentence.plan templates to aid the user in creating and maintaining sentence plans. SPLAT also con- tains a sentence bank, a user-extensible col- lection of sentence plans annotated in various ways. The sentence bank can be searched for candidate plans that can then be used in the creation of new sentence plans specific to the domain of interest. SPLAT's graphical envi- ronment provides additional support to the user in the form of menu-driven access to Penman's linguistic resources and manage- ment of partially built sentence plans.