Paper: Sources Of Flexibility In Dynamic Hypertext Generation

ACL ID W96-0416
Title Sources Of Flexibility In Dynamic Hypertext Generation
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

'Dynamic hypertext' is hypertext which is au- tomatically generated at the point of need. A number of NLG systems have now been devel- oped to operate within a hypertext environ- ment; and now that these systems are becom- ing widely available on the World Wide Web, it is useful to take stock of how well-equipped NLG technology is to work in this new do- main. A generation system in a hypertext en- vironment faces a specific set of requirements; here, we discuss those requirements, and the resources that can be provided to help meet them. Examples are drawn from a number of systems, including our own prototype, ILEX- 0. We conclude by indicating that the major benefit of such systems could be in the way that they combine flexibility with the illusion of user control. Keywords: content sele...