Paper: An Evaluation Of Anaphor Generation In Chinese

ACL ID W96-0412
Title An Evaluation Of Anaphor Generation In Chinese
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

In this paper, we present an eval- uation of anaphors generated by a Chinese natural language generation system. In the evaluation work, the anaphors in five test texts generated by three test systems employing gen- eration rules with different complex- ities ~vere compared with the ones in the same texts created by twelve nat- ive speakers of Chinese. We took the average number of anaphors matching between the machine and human texts as a measure of the quality of anaphors generated by the test systems. The results suggest that the one we have chosen and which has the most com- plex rule is better than the other two. There axe, however, real difficulties in establishing the significance of the res- ults because of the degree of disagree- ment among the native speakers.