Paper: Best-First Surface Realization

ACL ID W96-0411
Title Best-First Surface Realization
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 1996
  • Stephan Busemann (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrucken Germany)

Current work in surface realization concen- trates on the use of general, abstract algo- rithms that interpret large, reversible gram- mars. Only little attention has been paid so far to the many small and simple appli- cations that require coverage of a small sub- language at different degrees of sophistica- tion. The system TG/2 described in this pa- per can be smoothly integrated with deep gen- eration processes, it integrates canned text, templates, and context-free rules into a sin- gle formalism, it allows for both textual and tabular output, and it can be parameterized according to linguistic preferences. These fea- tures are based on suitably restricted produc- tion system techniques and on a generic back- tracking regime. 1 Motivation Current work in surface realization concen- tr...