Paper: Tactical Generation In A Free Constituent Order Language

ACL ID W96-0409
Title Tactical Generation In A Free Constituent Order Language
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper describes tactical generation in Turkish, a free con~stituent order language, in which the order of the constituents may change according to the information structure of the sentences to be generated. In the absence of any information regarding the information structure of a sentence (i.e. , topic, focus, back- ground, etc.), the constituents of the sentence obey a default order, but the order is almost freely changeable, depending on the constraints of the text flow or discourse. We have used a recursively structured finite state machine for handling the changes in constituent or- der, implemented as a right-linear grammar backbone. Our implementation environment is the GenKit system, developed at Carnegie Mellon University-Center for Machine Transla- tion. Morphological realiz...