Paper: Approximate Generation From Non-Hierarchical Representations

ACL ID W96-0404
Title Approximate Generation From Non-Hierarchical Representations
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper presents a technique for sentence genera- tion. We argue that the input to generators should have a non-hierarchical nature. This allows us to in- vestigate a more general version of the sentence gen- eration problem where one is not pre-committed to a choice of the syntactically prominent elements in the initial semantics. We also consider that a generator can happen to convey more (or less) information than is originally specified in its semantic input. In order to constrain this approximate matching of the input we impose additional restrictions on the semantics of the generated sentence. Our technique provides flex- ibility to address cases where the entire input cannot be precisely expressed in a single sentence. Thus the generator does not rely on the strategic component h...