Paper: The Measure Of A Model

ACL ID W96-0210
Title The Measure Of A Model
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper describes measures for evaluating the three determinants of how well a probabilistic elas- sifter performs on a given test set. These determi- nants are the appropriateness, for the test set, of the results of (1)feature selection, (2) formulation of the parametric form of the model, and (3) pa- rameter estimation. These are part of any model formulation procedure, even if not broken out as separate steps, so the tradeoffs explored in this paper are relevant to a wide variety of methods. The measures are demonstrated in a large experi- ment, in which they are used to analyze the results of roughly 300 classifiers that perform word-sense disambiguation.