Paper: A General Computational Method For Grammar Inversion

ACL ID W91-0112
Title A General Computational Method For Grammar Inversion
Venue Workshop On Reversible Grammar In Natural Language Processing
Year 1991

A reversible grammar is usually understood as a computational or linguistic system that can be used both for analysis ~nd generation of the language it defines. For example, a directive pars_gen (Sent,For~n) would assign, depending upon the binding status Of its arguments, the representation in (Toronto,chased (Fido,John )) to the sentence Fido chased John in To~onto, or it would produce one of the several possib!e paraphrases of this sentence given its represen~tion. Building such bi-directional systems has long been considered critical for various natural language processing tasks, especially in machine translation. This paper presents a general computational method for automated inversion of a unification-based p~ser for natural language into an efficient generator. It clarifies and exp...