Paper: Syntactic Choice In Language Generation

ACL ID W91-0107
Title Syntactic Choice In Language Generation
Venue Workshop On Reversible Grammar In Natural Language Processing
Year 1991

A considerable amount of study has recently been concentrated on the use of linguistically motivated unification based grammars for sen- tence generation (see for example Appelt 1987, Calder 1989, Shieber 1988, Shieber et al. 1989). The grammars state correspondences between semantic structures and syntactic ones. In most grammars, several syntactic structures will correspond to each semantic one. It was suggested at a fairly early stage that control over which sentence is generated could be ap- plied by adding "functional" features to the grammar. This idea has been extended in the work presented here. The use of feature threading techniques allows control over a wide range of syntactic structures, in a fairly sophisti- cated grammar, while avoiding the need for rule duplication even when...