Paper: Monotonicity Headedness And Reversible Grammar

ACL ID W91-0101
Title Monotonicity Headedness And Reversible Grammar
Venue Workshop On Reversible Grammar In Natural Language Processing
Year 1991
  • Martin Kay (Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto CA)

The notion of reversibility that is salient for grammars rests on the idea that grammars are trans- ducers between strings of words and some more abstract meaning representation. The grammar is reversible if the transducer will work in both directions. The notion was important in driving the evolution from procedural grammar formalisms, like ATN, to declaritive formalisms, like LFG and HPSG. The key was to replace the setting of registers with the unification of logical variables. The aim was to base grammars entirely on 'monotonic' operations. An issue has arisen more recently has to with the various notions of 'head of a construction'. After an attempt to place reversible grammars in their historical perspective, I will discuss the relation between mon0tonicty and headedness.