Paper: Multiword noun compound bracketing using Wikipedia

ACL ID W14-5708
Title Multiword noun compound bracketing using Wikipedia
Venue Computational Approaches to Compound Analysis
Year 2014

This research suggests two contributions in relation to the multiword noun compound bracketing problem: first, demonstrate the usefulness of Wikipedia for the task, and second, present a novel bracketing method relying on a word association model. The intent of the association model is to represent combined evidence about the possibly lexical, relational or coordinate nature of links between all pairs of words within a compound. As for Wikipedia, it is promoted for its encyclopedic nature, meaning it describes terms and named entities, as well as for its size, large enough for corpus-based statistical analysis. Both types of information will be used in measuring evidence about lexical units, noun relations and noun coordinates in order to feed the associa- tion model in the bracketing algo...