Paper: Relative clause extraction for syntactic simplification

ACL ID W14-5601
Title Relative clause extraction for syntactic simplification
Venue Workshop on Automatic Text Simplification - Methods and Applications in the Multilingual Society
Year 2014

This paper investigates non-destructive simplification, a type of syntactic text simplification which focuses on extracting embedded clauses from structurally complex sentences and rephras- ing them without affecting their original meaning. This process reduces the average sentence length and complexity to make text simpler. Although relevant for human readers with low read- ing skills or language disabilities, the process has direct applications in NLP. In this paper we analyse the extraction of relative clauses through a tagging approach. A dataset covering three genres was manually annotated and used to develop and compare several approaches for auto- matically detecting appositions and non-restrictive relative clauses. The best results are obtained by a ML model developed using crfsuit...