Paper: Dimensions of Metaphorical Meaning

ACL ID W14-4721
Title Dimensions of Metaphorical Meaning
Venue Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Year 2014

Recent work suggests that concreteness and imageability play an important role in the mean- ings of figurative expressions. We investigate this idea in several ways. First, we try to define more precisely the context within which a figurative expression may occur, by parsing a corpus annotated for metaphor. Next, we add both concreteness and imageability as ?features? to the parsed metaphor corpus, by marking up words in this corpus using a psycholinguistic database of scores for concreteness and imageability. Finally, we carry out detailed statistical analyses of the augmented version of the original metaphor corpus, cross-matching the features of concreteness and imageability with others in the corpus such as parts of speech and dependency relations, in order to investigate in detail the...