Paper: Using Irish NLP resources in Primary School Education

ACL ID W14-4602
Title Using Irish NLP resources in Primary School Education
Venue Celtic Language Technology Workshop
Year 2014

This paper looks at the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources in primary school edu- cation in Ireland. It shows how two Irish NLP resources, the Irish Finite State Transducer Mor- phological Engine (IFSTME) (U? Dhonnchadha, 2002) and Gramad?ir (Scannell, 2005) were used as the underlying engines for two Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) resources for Irish. The IFSTME was used to supply verb conjugation information for a Verb Checker Component of a CALL resource, while Gramad?ir was the underlying engine for a Writing Checker Component. The paper outlines the motivation behind the development of these resources which include trying to leverage some of the benefits of CALL for students studying Irish in primary school. In order to de- velop CALL materials ...