Paper: Adapting Graph Summaries to the Users’ Reading Levels

ACL ID W14-4409
Title Adapting Graph Summaries to the Users’ Reading Levels
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Deciding on the complexity of a generated text in NLG systems is a contentious task. Some systems propose the generation of simple text for low-skilled readers; some choose what they anticipate to be a ?good measure? of complexity by balancing sentence length and number of sentences (using scales such as the D-level sentence complexity) for the text; while others target high-skilled readers. In this work, we discuss an approach that aims to lev- erage the experience of the reader when read- ing generated text by matching the syntactic complexity of the generated text to the reading level of the surrounding text. We propose an approach for sentence aggregation and lexical choice that allows generated summaries of line graphs in multimodal articles available online to match th...