Paper: Seeking Informativeness in Literature Based Discovery

ACL ID W14-3417
Title Seeking Informativeness in Literature Based Discovery
Venue Proceedings of the BioNLP Shared Task 2013 Workshop
Year 2014

The continuously increasing number of publications within the biomedical domain has fuelled the creation of literature based discovery (LBD) systems which identify unconnected pieces of knowledge appear- ing in separate literatures which can be combined to make new discoveries. With- out filtering, the amount of hidden knowl- edge found is vast due to noise, making it impractical for a researcher to examine, or clinically evaluate, the potential discover- ies. We present a number of filtering tech- niques, including two which exploit the LBD system itself rather than being based on a statistical or manual examination of document collections, and we demonstrate usefulness via replication of known dis- coveries.