Paper: FrameNet and Linked Data

ACL ID W14-3005
Title FrameNet and Linked Data
Venue Frame Semantics in NLP: A Workshop in Honor of Chuck Fillmore (1929-2014)
Year 2014

FrameNet is the ideal resource for repre- sentation as linked data, and several ren- derings of the resource in RDF/OWL have been created. FrameNet has also been and continues to be linked to other major resources, including WordNet, BabelNet, and MASC, in the Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud. Although so far the supporting technologies have not enabled easy and widespread access to the envisioned mas- sive network of language resources, a con- flation of recent efforts suggests this may be a reality in the not-too-distant future. FrameNet (Fillmore et al., 2002; Ruppenhofer et al., 2006) is the ideal resource for representation in the Semantic Web (SW) as what is now widely known as ?linked data?. The Semantic Web con- sists of objects whose properties are represented by named links to o...