Paper: Case, Constructions, FrameNet, and the Deep Lexicon

ACL ID W14-3003
Title Case, Constructions, FrameNet, and the Deep Lexicon
Venue Frame Semantics in NLP: A Workshop in Honor of Chuck Fillmore (1929-2014)
Year 2014

Three major contributions that Charles Fillmore made in linguistics play an im- portant role in the enterprise of deep lexical semantics, which is the effort to link lexical meaning to underlying abstract core theories. I will discuss how case re- lates to lexical decompositions, how moti- vated constructions span the borderline be- tween syntax and semantics, and how the frames of FrameNet provide an excellent first step in deep inference. 1 Deep Lexical Semantics Deep lexical semantics (Hobbs, 2008) is the effort to construct formal theories of abstract phenom- ena, such as composite entities, the figure-ground relation, scales, change of state, and causality, and to link the most common words in English to these theories with axioms explicating their meanings. This work has been deeply ...