Paper: The Case for Empiricism (With and Without Statistics)

ACL ID W14-3002
Title The Case for Empiricism (With and Without Statistics)
Venue Frame Semantics in NLP: A Workshop in Honor of Chuck Fillmore (1929-2014)
Year 2014

These days we tend to use terms like empirical and statistical as if they are interchangeable, but it wasn?t always this way, and probably for good reason. In A Pendulum Swung Too Far (Church, 2011), I argued that graduate programs should make room for both Empiricism and Rational- ism. We don?t know which trends will dominate the field tomorrow, but it is a good bet that it won?t be what?s hot today. We should prepare the next generation of students for all possible futures, or at least all probable futures. This pa- per argues for a diverse interpretation of Empiri- cism, one that makes room for everything from Humanities to Engineering (and then some). Figure 1: Lily Wong Fillmore (standing) and Charles (Chuck) Fillmore 1 Lifetime Achievement Award (LTA) Sinc...