Paper: Challenges of Adding Causation to Richer Event Descriptions

ACL ID W14-2903
Title Challenges of Adding Causation to Richer Event Descriptions
Venue Workshop on Events: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation
Year 2014

The goal of this study is to create guide- lines for annotating cause-effect relations as part of the Richer Event Description schema. We present the challenges faced using the definition of causation in terms of counterfactual dependence and propose new guidelines for cause-effect annotation using an alternative definition which treats causation as an intrinsic relation between events. To support the use of such an in- trinsic definition, we examine the theoret- ical problems that the counterfactual def- inition faces, show how the intrinsic defi- nition solves those problems, and explain how the intrinsic definition adheres to psy- chological reality, at least for our annota- tion purposes, better than the counterfac- tual definition. We then evaluate the new guidelines by presenting res...