Paper: Modeling the Noun Morphology of Plains Cree

ACL ID W14-2205
Title Modeling the Noun Morphology of Plains Cree
Venue Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages
Year 2014

This paper presents aspects of a com- putational model of the morphology of Plains Cree based on the technology of finite state transducers (FST). The paper focuses in particular on the modeling of nominal morphology. Plains Cree is a polysynthetic language whose nominal morphology relies on prefixes, suffixes and circumfixes. The model of Plains Cree morphology is capable of handling these complex affixation patterns and the morphophonological alternations that they engender. Plains Cree is an endangered Algonquian language spo- ken in numerous communities across Canada. The language has no agreed upon standard orthography, and exhibits widespread variation. We describe prob- lems encountered and solutions found, while contextualizing the endeavor in the description, documentation and rev...