Paper: Treebank Translation for Cross-Lingual Parser Induction

ACL ID W14-1614
Title Treebank Translation for Cross-Lingual Parser Induction
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Year 2014

Cross-lingual learning has become a popu- lar approach to facilitate the development of resources and tools for low-density lan- guages. Its underlying idea is to make use of existing tools and annotations in resource-rich languages to create similar tools and resources for resource-poor lan- guages. Typically, this is achieved by either projecting annotations across parallel cor- pora, or by transferring models from one or more source languages to a target language. In this paper, we explore a third strategy by using machine translation to create syn- thetic training data from the original source- side annotations. Specifically, we apply this technique to dependency parsing, us- ing a cross-lingually unified treebank for adequate evaluation. Our approach draws on annotation projection but...