Paper: Focused Entailment Graphs for Open IE Propositions

ACL ID W14-1610
Title Focused Entailment Graphs for Open IE Propositions
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Year 2014

Open IE methods extract structured propo- sitions from text. However, these propo- sitions are neither consolidated nor gen- eralized, and querying them may lead to insufficient or redundant information. This work suggests an approach to or- ganize open IE propositions using entail- ment graphs. The entailment relation uni- fies equivalent propositions and induces a specific-to-general structure. We create a large dataset of gold-standard proposition entailment graphs, and provide a novel algorithm for automatically constructing them. Our analysis shows that predicate entailment is extremely context-sensitive, and that current lexical-semantic resources do not capture many of the lexical infer- ences induced by proposition entailment.