Paper: Inducing Neural Models of Script Knowledge

ACL ID W14-1606
Title Inducing Neural Models of Script Knowledge
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Year 2014

Induction of common sense knowledge about prototypical sequence of events has recently received much attention (e.g., Chambers and Jurafsky (2008); Regneri et al. (2010)). Instead of inducing this knowledge in the form of graphs, as in much of the previous work, in our method, distributed representations of event real- izations are computed based on distributed representations of predicates and their ar- guments, and then these representations are used to predict prototypical event or- derings. The parameters of the composi- tional process for computing the event rep- resentations and the ranking component of the model are jointly estimated. We show that this approach results in a sub- stantial boost in performance on the event ordering task with respect to the previous approaches, both on...