Paper: On-The-Fly Translator Assistant (Readability and Terminology Handling)

ACL ID W14-0304
Title On-The-Fly Translator Assistant (Readability and Terminology Handling)
Venue EACL Workshop on Humans and Computer-assisted Translation
Year 2014

This paper describes a new methodology for developing CAT tools that assist translators of technical and scientific texts by (i) on-the-fly highlight of nominal and verbal terminology in a source language (SL) document that lifts possible syntactic ambiguity and thus essentially raises the document readability and (ii) simultaneous translation of all SL document one- and multi- component lexical units. The methodology is based on a language-independent hybrid extraction technique used for document analysis, and language-dependent shallow linguistic knowledge. It is targeted at intelligent output and computationally attractive properties. The approach is illustrated by its implementation into a CAT tool for the Russian-English language pair. Such tools can also be integrated...