Paper: Proofreading Human Translations with an E-pen

ACL ID W14-0302
Title Proofreading Human Translations with an E-pen
Venue EACL Workshop on Humans and Computer-assisted Translation
Year 2014

Proofreading translated text is a task aimed at checking for correctness, con- sistency, and appropriate writing style. While this has been typically done with a keyboard and a mouse, pen-based devices set an opportunity for making such corrections in a comfortable way, as if proofreading on physical paper. Arguably, this way of interacting with a computer is very appropriate when a small number of modifications are required to achieve high-quality stan- dards. In this paper, we propose a tax- onomy of pen gestures that is tailored to machine translation review tasks, af- ter human translator intervention. In addition, we evaluate the recognition accuracy of these gestures using a cou- ple of popular gesture recognizers. Fi- nally, we comment on open challenges and limitations, and discuss...