Paper: Mostly Passive Information Delivery – a Prototype

ACL ID W14-0209
Title Mostly Passive Information Delivery – a Prototype
Venue EACL Workshop on Dialogue in Motion
Year 2014

In this paper we introduce a new UI paradigm that mimics radio broadcast along with a prototype called Radio One. The approach aims to present useful infor- mation from multiple domains to mobile users (e.g. drivers on the go or cell phone users). The information is served in an en- tertaining manner in a mostly passive style ? without the user having to ask for it? as in real radio broadcast. The content is gen- erated on the fly by a machine and inte- grates a mix of personal (calendar, emails) and publicly available but customized in- formation (news, weather, POIs). Most of the spoken audio output is machine syn- thesized. The implemented prototype per- mits passive listening as well as interaction using voice commands or buttons. Initial feedback gathered while testing the proto- type...