Paper: Memory-based Grammatical Error Correction

ACL ID W13-3614
Title Memory-based Grammatical Error Correction
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session shared task
Year 2013

We describe the ?TILB? team entry for the CONLL-2013 Shared Task. Our sys- tem consists of five memory-based classi- fiers that generate correction suggestions for center positions in small text windows of two words to the left and to the right. Trained on the Google Web 1T corpus, the first two classifiers determine the presence of a determiner or a preposition between all words in a text. The second pair of clas- sifiers determine which is the most likely correction of an occurring determiner or preposition. The fifth classifier is a general word predictor which is used to suggest noun and verb form corrections. We re- port on the scores attained and errors cor- rected and missed. We point out a num- ber of obvious improvements to boost the scores obtained by the system.