Paper: Multilingual WSD-like Constraints for Paraphrase Extraction

ACL ID W13-3522
Title Multilingual WSD-like Constraints for Paraphrase Extraction
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2013

The use of pivot languages and word- alignment techniques over bilingual cor- pora has proved an effective approach for extracting paraphrases of words and short phrases. However, inherent ambiguities in the pivot language(s) can lead to inade- quate paraphrases. We propose a novel ap- proach that is able to extract paraphrases by pivoting through multiple languages while discriminating word senses in the in- put language, i.e., the language to be para- phrased. Text in the input language is an- notated with ?senses? in the form of for- eign phrases obtained from bilingual par- allel data and automatic word-alignment. This approach shows 62% relative im- provement over previous work in generat- ing paraphrases that are judged both more accurate and more fluent.