Paper: Translation of It in a Deep Syntax Framework

ACL ID W13-3307
Title Translation of It in a Deep Syntax Framework
Venue Discourse in Machine Translation
Year 2013

We present a novel approach to the trans- lation of the English personal pronoun it to Czech. We conduct a linguistic analysis on how the distinct categories of it are usu- ally mapped to their Czech counterparts. Armed with these observations, we design a discriminative translation model of it, which is then integrated into the TectoMT deep syntax MT framework. Features in the model take advantage of rich syntac- tic annotation TectoMT is based on, exter- nal tools for anaphoricity resolution, lex- ical co-occurrence frequencies measured on a large parallel corpus and gold coref- erence annotation. Even though the new model for it exhibits no improvement in terms of BLEU, manual evaluation shows that it outperforms the original solution in 8.5% sentences containing it.