Paper: Language-independent hybrid MT with PRESEMT

ACL ID W13-2818
Title Language-independent hybrid MT with PRESEMT
Venue Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation
Year 2013

The present article provides a compre- hensive review of the work carried out on developing PRESEMT, a hybrid lan- guage-independent machine translation (MT) methodology. This methodology has been designed to facilitate rapid creation of MT systems for uncon- strained language pairs, setting the low- est possible requirements on specialised resources and tools. Given the limited availability of resources for many lan- guages, only a very small bilingual cor- pus is required, while language model- ling is performed by sampling a large target language (TL) monolingual cor- pus. The article summarises implementa- tion decisions, using the Greek-English language pair as a test case. Evaluation results are reported, for both objective and subjective metrics. Finally, main er- ror sour...