Paper: Reordering rules for English-Hindi SMT

ACL ID W13-2807
Title Reordering rules for English-Hindi SMT
Venue Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation
Year 2013

Reordering is pre-processing stage for Statisti- cal Machine Translation (SMT) system where the words of the source sentence are re- ordered as per the syntax of the target lan- guage. We are proposing a rich set of rules for better reordering. The idea is to facilitate the training process by better alignments and par- allel phrase extraction for a phrase based SMT system. Reordering also helps the decoding process and hence improving the machine translation quality. We have observed signifi- cant improvements in the translation quality by using our approach over the baseline SMT. We have used BLEU, NIST, multi-reference word error rate, multi-reference position inde- pendent error rate for judging the improve- ments. We have exploited open source SMT toolkit MOSES to develop t...