Paper: Machine Learning Disambiguation of Quechua Verb Morphology

ACL ID W13-2804
Title Machine Learning Disambiguation of Quechua Verb Morphology
Venue Workshop on Hybrid Approaches to Translation
Year 2013

We have implemented a rule-based proto- type of a Spanish-to-Cuzco Quechua MT system enhanced through the addition of statistical components. The greatest dif- ficulty during the translation process is to generate the correct Quechua verb form in subordinated clauses. The prototype has several rules that decide which verb form should be used in a given context. How- ever, matching the context in order to ap- ply the correct rule depends crucially on the parsing quality of the Spanish input. As the form of the subordinated verb de- pends heavily on the conjunction in the subordinated Spanish clause and the se- mantics of the main verb, we extracted this information from two treebanks and trained different classifiers on this data. We tested the best classifier on a set of 4 texts, increasin...