Paper: Comparing Multilingual Comparable Articles Based On Opinions

ACL ID W13-2513
Title Comparing Multilingual Comparable Articles Based On Opinions
Venue Building and Using Comparable Corpora
Year 2013

Multilingual sentiment analysis attracts in- creased attention as the massive growth of multilingual web contents. This con- ducts to study opinions across different languages by comparing the underlying messages written by different people hav- ing different opinions. In this paper, we propose Sentiment based Comparability Measures (SCM) to compare opinions in multilingual comparable articles without translating source/target into the same lan- guage. This will allow media trackers (journalists) to automatically detect public opinion split across huge multilingual web contents. To develop SCM, we need either to get or to build parallel sentiment cor- pora. Because this kind of corpora are not available, we decided to build them. For that, we propose a new method to automat- ically label p...