Paper: The CNGL-DCU-Prompsit Translation Systems for WMT13

ACL ID W13-2227
Title The CNGL-DCU-Prompsit Translation Systems for WMT13
Venue Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Year 2013

This paper presents the experiments con- ducted by the Machine Translation group at DCU and Prompsit Language Engineer- ing for the WMT13 translation task. Three language pairs are considered: Spanish- English and French-English in both direc- tions and German-English in that direc- tion. For the Spanish-English pair, the use of linguistic information to select paral- lel data is investigated. For the French- English pair, the usefulness of the small in- domain parallel corpus is evaluated, com- pared to an out-of-domain parallel data sub-sampling method. Finally, for the German-English system, we describe our work in addressing the long distance re- ordering problem and a system combina- tion strategy.