Paper: Team UDEL KBGen 2013 Challenge

ACL ID W13-2132
Title Team UDEL KBGen 2013 Challenge
Venue European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
Year 2013

This document describes the University of Dela- ware?s entry into KBGen 2013 Challenge which provided teams with input data representation from the AURA knowledge base (KB), developed in the context of the HALO Project at SRI International, along with a lexicon mapping for concepts present on those input files. Training sentences were also provided. The task was to accurately generate an English sentence depicting the information from a set of triples from the knowledge base. 1 Approach Our approach to the problem was to develop a set of rules for translating KB structures into English structures and to use an existing genera- tor, such as SimpleNLG (Gatt & Reiter, 2009) or FUF-SURGE (Elhadad, 1993) to generate the sentences. Our analysis of pre-release data provided by the...