Paper: Generating Elliptic Coordination

ACL ID W13-2105
Title Generating Elliptic Coordination
Venue European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
Year 2013

In this paper, we focus on the task of gen- erating elliptic sentences. We extract from the data provided by the Surface Realisa- tion (SR) Task (Belz et al., 2011) 2398 in- put whose corresponding output sentence contain an ellipsis. We show that 9% of the data contains an ellipsis and that both cov- erage and BLEU score markedly decrease for elliptic input (from 82.3% coverage for non-elliptic sentences to 65.3% for ellip- tic sentences and from 0.60 BLEU score to 0.47). We argue that elided material should be represented using phonetically empty nodes and we introduce a set of rewrite rules which permits adding these empty categories to the SR data. Finally, we evaluate an existing surface realiser on the resulting dataset. We show that, after rewriting, the generator achieves a cover- ...