Paper: BioNLP Shared Task 2013: Supporting Resources

ACL ID W13-2013
Title BioNLP Shared Task 2013: Supporting Resources
Venue Proceedings of the BioNLP Shared Task 2013 Workshop
Year 2013

This paper describes the technical con- tribution of the supporting resources pro- vided for the BioNLP Shared Task 2013. Following the tradition of the previous two BioNLP Shared Task events, the task organisers and several external groups sought to make system development easier for the task participants by providing auto- matically generated analyses using a vari- ety of automated tools. Providing analy- ses created by different tools that address the same task also enables extrinsic evalu- ation of the tools through the evaluation of their contributions to the event extraction task. Such evaluation can improve under- standing of the applicability and benefits of specific tools and representations. The supporting resources described in this pa- per will continue to be publicly available...