Paper: NLI Shared Task 2013: MQ Submission

ACL ID W13-1716
Title NLI Shared Task 2013: MQ Submission
Venue Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Year 2013

Our submission for this NLI shared task used for the most part standard features found in re- cent work. Our focus was instead on two other aspects of our system: at a high level, on pos- sible ways of constructing ensembles of multi- ple classifiers; and at a low level, on the gran- ularity of part-of-speech tags used as features. We found that the choice of ensemble com- bination method did not lead to much differ- ence in results, although exploiting the vary- ing behaviours of linear versus logistic regres- sion SVM classifiers could be promising in fu- ture work; but part-of-speech tagsets showed noticeable differences. We also note that the overall architecture, with its feature set and ensemble approach, had an accuracy of 83.1% on the test set when trained on both the training data...