Paper: GAF: A Grounded Annotation Framework for Events

ACL ID W13-1202
Title GAF: A Grounded Annotation Framework for Events
Venue Workshop on Events: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation
Year 2013

This paper introduces GAF, a grounded an- notation framework to represent events in a formal context that can represent information from both textual and extra-textual sources. GAF makes a clear distinction between men- tions of events in text and their formal rep- resentation as instances in a semantic layer. Instances are represented by RDF compliant URIs that are shared across different research disciplines. This allows us to complete textual information with external sources and facili- tates reasoning. The semantic layer can inte- grate any linguistic information and is com- patible with previous event representations in NLP. Through a use case on earthquakes in Southeast Asia, we demonstrate GAF flexibil- ity and ability to reason over events with the aid of extra-linguistic resource...