Paper: Using Syntactic Dependencies to Solve Coreferences

ACL ID W12-4505
Title Using Syntactic Dependencies to Solve Coreferences
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session shared task
Year 2012

This paper describes the structure of the LTH coreference solver used in the closed track of the CoNLL 2012 shared task (Pradhan et al., 2012). The solver core is a mention classifier that uses Soon et al. (2001)?s algorithm and features extracted from the dependency graphs of the sentences. This system builds on Bjo?rkelund and Nugues (2011)?s solver that we extended so that it can be applied to the three languages of the task: English, Chinese, and Arabic. We designed a new mention detection module that removes pleonastic pronouns, prunes constituents, and recovers mentions when they do not match ex- actly a noun phrase. We carefully redesigned the features so that they reflect more com- plex linguistic phenomena as well as discourse properties. Finally, we introduced a minimal cluster m...