Paper: Detecting Power Relations from Written Dialog

ACL ID W12-3302
Title Detecting Power Relations from Written Dialog
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Student Session
Year 2012

In my thesis I propose a data-oriented study on how social power relations between par- ticipants manifest in the language and struc- ture of online written dialogs. I propose that there are different types of power relations and they are different in the ways they are ex- pressed and revealed in dialog and across dif- ferent languages, genres and domains. So far, I have defined four types of power and anno- tated them in corporate email threads in En- glish and found support that they in fact man- ifest differently in the threads. Using dialog and language features, I have built a system to predict participants possessing these types of power within email threads. I intend to extend this system to other languages, genres and do- mains and to improve it?s performance using deeper linguisti...