Paper: Text Reuse with ACL: (Upward) Trends

ACL ID W12-3208
Title Text Reuse with ACL: (Upward) Trends
Venue ACL-2012 Special Workshop on Rediscovering 50 Years of Discoveries
Year 2012

With rapidly increasing community, a plethora of conferences related to Natural Language Processing and easy access to their proceed- ings make it essential to check the integrity and novelty of the new submissions. This study aims to investigate the trends of text reuse in the ACL submissions, if any. We car- ried a set of analyses on two spans of five years papers (the past and the present) of ACL using a publicly available text reuse detection appli- cation to notice the behaviour. In our study, we found some strong reuse cases which can be an indicator to establish a clear policy to handle text reuse for the upcoming editions of ACL. The results are anonymised.