Paper: He Said, She Said: Gender in the ACL Anthology

ACL ID W12-3204
Title He Said, She Said: Gender in the ACL Anthology
Venue ACL-2012 Special Workshop on Rediscovering 50 Years of Discoveries
Year 2012

Studies of gender balance in academic com- puter science are typically based on statistics on enrollment and graduation. Going beyond these coarse measures of gender participation, we conduct a fine-grained study of gender in the field of Natural Language Processing. We use topic models (Latent Dirichlet Allo- cation) to explore the research topics of men and women in the ACL Anthology Network. We find that women publish more on dialog, discourse, and sentiment, while men publish more than women in parsing, formal seman- tics, and finite state models. To conduct our study we labeled the gender of authors in the ACL Anthology mostly manually, creating a useful resource for other gender studies. Fi- nally, our study of historical patterns in fe- male participation shows that the proportion o...