Paper: Grading the Quality of Medical Evidence

ACL ID W12-2422
Title Grading the Quality of Medical Evidence
Venue Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Year 2012

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is the prac- tice of using the knowledge gained from the best medical evidence to make decisions in the effective care of patients. This medi- cal evidence is extracted from medical docu- ments such as research papers. The increas- ing number of available medical documents has imposed a challenge to identify the ap- propriate evidence and to access the quality of the evidence. In this paper, we present an approach for the automatic grading of ev- idence using the dataset provided by the 2011 Australian Language Technology Association (ALTA) shared task competition. With the feature sets extracted from publication types, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), title, and body of the abstracts, we obtain a 73.77% grading accuracy with a stacking based ap- proach, a con...