Paper: Reformulating student contributions in tutorial dialogue

ACL ID W12-1515
Title Reformulating student contributions in tutorial dialogue
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2012

While some recent work in tutorial dialogue has touched upon tutor reformulations of stu- dent contributions, there has not yet been an attempt to characterize the intentions of refor- mulations in this educational context nor an attempt to determine which types of reformu- lation actually contribute to student learning. In this paper we take an initial look at tutor reformulations of student contributions in nat- uralistic tutorial dialogue in order to charac- terize the range of pedagogical intentions that may be associated with these reformulations. We further outline our plans for implementing reformulation in our tutorial dialogue system, Rimac, which engages high school physics students in post problem solving reflective dis- cussions. By implementing reformulations in a tutorial dia...